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Q: Where can I find the expiration date and how does it read?

A: The expiration date for the VCF® Film is on the right-side panel of the box as well as each strip of film inside. All expiration dates are in Month/Year format; they expire on the last day of the month.

Q: Is VCF® similar to Plan-B?

A: No, VCF® is not an emergency contraceptive product, and must be inserted prior to intercourse.

Q: Can VCF® be used during breastfeeding?

A: Yes, VCF® products are safe to use during breastfeeding as they do not contain hormones of any kind which can influence breast milk production, nor is VC F absorbed by your body, so it does not affect any of your body’s systems.

Q: How will I know if I’ve inserted the film into the right place?

A: The instructions for the VCF® Film state that the film should be placed over the cervix. You want to make sure that you are inserting the film as high up into your vagina as possible without causing discomfort. Once inside the vagina, the film will dissolve to form a gel type substance so even if the film isn’t exactly in place over the cervix, the whole area is protected once the film dissolves.

Q: What does “effective up to 3 hours” mean?

A: VCF® Film can be inserted up to 3 hours prior to intercourse and still be effective. This allows you to insert the film before things get hot and heavy between you and your partner. Each film is effective for the three-hour timeframe OR a single act of intercourse (one ejaculation). If you and your partner want to continue your love making, simply insert additional films for each act of intercourse. The spermicide in 1 film will kill sperm from 1 ejaculation only.

Q: Is it safe for my partner to perform oral sex on me after I’ve used VCF®?

A: Yes, you can still engage in oral sex before intercourse. VCF® does not contain any added flavor or scent, but may taste medicinal. VCF is non-toxic, and will not hurt your partner if accidentally ingested.

Q: Can VCF® cause staining?

A: No, there are no dyes added to VCF® film that would cause staining.

Q: I’m having an issue with the Film sticking to my finger; what now?

A: Try folding the film into a smaller square before you insert it. Then place the small square on the tip of your finger and insert it. You can also try putting a small drop of lubricant on your finger; this should prevent the film from sticking on your finger before it is in place.