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EQUITABLE PARTNER DEFINITION: "Partnerships in which there is mutual participation, mutual trust and respect, mutual benefit and equal value placed on each partners contribution at all stages of the research process growth." In this CWC model, partners will share in all growth for the duration of the partnership.

SEEKING HYBRIDS: Cosmic Wisdom Communications, a virtual Hybrid Creative Marketing Studio, seeks 5 to 8 like-minded hybrids for a hybridity partnership in Digital Media Marketing.  Candidates need a 'hands-on expert ability and years of experience in any 5+ of the following skillset in Digital Media Marketing.  These include Analytics, Animation, Art Direction & Design, Content Creation, Copy-writing, IoT, eMail Marketing, Online Advertising, Print, SEO, SMM, UI Design & Development, UX Design Prototyping, Video Design, and Production—the more, the merrier. We will work together on a variety of projects and clients as the needs arise, under the hybridity umbrella of Cosmic Wisdom Communications when Cor- to-Corp is essential.  

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Cosmic Wisdom Communications understands the value of hybridity as a skillset through decades of experience in Digital Media, Creative, and Marketing.  Altogether, like-minded disciplines exponentially raise quality and lower client costs.  "Hybridity is the new Media," as Ai and IoT emerge. 

Our LinkedIn Article from 2017, "Hybridity is the New Media," explains the nuances and remains even more relevant today.  Our "Hybridity Culture" will stand alone and unique in quality, performance, and success for both clients and partners. Join us — together, we can move paradigms.

HOW IT WORKS: In brief, CWC is a virtual Hybrid Talent Pool. Large Agencies and corporate Creative Services are typically bogged down by human capital issues, such as the high rate of turnover, compensation and HR competence, lack of training on emerging technologies, internal communication bureaucracies, skillset specificity limitations, and more.  Without all the noise, a well-rounded team, as in sports, composed of relatively equal experts across the field (no pun intended), is always poised to win.  The virtual modality of the last few years allows partnerships without corporate bog down.  Partners within Cosmic Wisdom Communications will share in client acquisition, proposals, liaising, campaign concept & ideation, content creation, design, production, on through launches, and publishing.  CWC is an internal talent hub dedicated to the synergy of success with each contrinbutor billing the client directly as a member partner of CWC—based on pre-approved, case-by-case fee schedules.  Rates are negotiated with both partners and clients on a job-by-job basis without the noise and cost of the corporate Ad Agency machine.  Imagine a freelance pool working as a team. This talent hub also serves and supports each partner in any external talent requirements, when needed.  In the end, the Virtual Hybridity Studio is a win-win-win—likely the way of the future of Creative & Marketing Studios —as the new agency landscape unfolds.

If you are a Qualifying Hybrid with a Hybridity Portfolio and experience to show, please schedule a call to discuss our partnership.  This is not a job posting; this is an entrepreneurial partnership offer to an emerging Ad / Marketing / Creative Agency where everyone equally gains a win-win-win.