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In the stewardship of hybridity, we always recommend to clients, large and small, they or someone on their team learn and own their various workflows.  One size never fits all.  Every product is different.  Every audience diverse, all brands, teams, and internal stakeholders unique.  Therefore, understanding your digital media's particular nuances and details is paramount for success and continuity.  Whether it's UX, SEO-copywriting, SMM, Email-Marketing, Online Advertising, video-editing, or animation, ownership of your media is the best win-win for your brand and your enterprise.

I offer to coach my clients and their teams the holistic softer Marketing skills required for their subjective brands, product(s), market-positioning, UX approach, audience segmentation, and analytics.  These top-level skills foster control and creativity.  In addition, hands-on hard skills such as editing tools from Adobe, WordPress, GoDaddy eCommerce, Shopify, Google Optimize, or Analytics—the list goes on—are also essential for a creative marketing studio's tool belt.

The prominent hesitancy is the notion of a limited learning curve and not having the team bandwidth to learn more skills.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Specificity in skill-set no longer holds success in a digital world that has become holistic by nature.  Digital media is in everything, and everything is in digital media.  Hybridity has become essential.  The more your team digests, the faster the learning curve acclimates, poised for each future wave.

Hybridity is the New Media & Agency
A 2017 LinkedIn article by James Ordonez